What is an Oral Surgeon?

Dr. Marie O’ Neill is a specialist Oral Surgeon. She provides a full range of services in Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry. Treatment for anxious patients is available under intravenous conscious sedation and general anaesthesia. Dr. O Neill is a fully participating provider with VHI, AVIVA, GloHealth, LAYA healthcare and the Garda Medical Scheme.

Oral surgery is a specialist area of dentistry dealing with the surgical treatment of various conditions of the mouth or jaws. Oral Surgeons have an additional three years of unique specialist training following an undergraduate qualification in Dentistry.

The following is an example of some Oral Surgery procedures:

  • Removing teeth, particularly wisdom teeth, that many general dentists would find difficult
  • Treating dental swellings and infections
  • Taking biopsy samples of areas of the mouth that need to be looked at with a microscope
  • Placing dental implants to restore spaces where teeth are missing
  • Exposing buried teeth (often as part of an orthodontic plan)
  • Bone grafts and other areas of bone related surgery in the mouth

  • While your general dentist may remove teeth, you may be referred to Dr. O’Neill for more complicated procedures. You may also be referred to Dr. O Neill if you require treatment under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia.

    Following a letter of referral from your General Dentist or Medical Doctor, a consultation appointment will be arranged. If you have medical insurance please click here

    Special Interests

    Oral Surgery

    Oral Surgery is the specialty of dentistry that includes the removal of wisdom teeth, the surgical management of impacted teeth and the biopsy and management of cysts or benign tumours of the mouth and jaws.

    Implant Dentistry

    Dental implants offer those patients who have missing teeth the possibility of having gaps restored with a fixed crown or a bridge. As a Specialist Oral Surgeon, Dr. O' Neill performs the surgical aspect of this treatment. It is sometimes necessary to perform bone grafting procedures prior to dental implant surgery. This is to supplement the available bone so that the implants can be anchored firmly. 


    Dr. O Neill is a member of the Irish Dental Association, the Irish Association of Oral Surgery and is the Chairperson and founding member of the Irish Society of Conscious Sedation in Dentistry.

    In addition to attending numerous courses and study days Dr. O’ Neill has been involved in training dental professionals and in lecturing to different medical specialties. She is a member of the Irish Dental Association and the International Association of Dental Research; and regularly attends and presents at a variety of meetings in Ireland and the UK.