Medical Insurance Benefits

You may be eligible to claim for certain treatments if you currently have medical insurance with providers such as VHI, LAYA Healthcare, Aviva, Glo Health, St. Paul’s Garda Medical Aid or ESB benefit scheme.

Dr. Marie O’Neill is a fully participating member of the schemes listed below, meaning that your surgical treatment, such as wisdom tooth removal, is often fully covered with no additional cost. However, your insurance will not cover the cost of your initial consultation and associated radiographs.

Please bring all insurance details to the consultation appointment and you will be informed if your procedure is covered. Unfortunately, we cannot determine your insurance coverage for a procedure prior to consultation.

Dr. Marie O’ Neill’s Provider Codes are as follows :

  • VHI provider code 80131
  • LAYA Healthcare provider code 38650
  • Aviva provider code 2204093
  • Glo Health provider code 1352904
  • Garda Medical Aid provider code 5467
  • The following is a guide to what is covered, and not covered, by your medical insurance.

    What is Covered?

  • Removal of impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth
  • Surgical removal of retained roots
  • Biopsies
  • Treatment of dental cysts
  • Exposing impacted teeth (often as part of an orthodontic plan)
  • Removal of impacted extra teeth

  • What is not covered?

  • Consultation Appointment
  • Radiographs
  • Removal of teeth that are not impacted
  • Teeth that do not require surgical removal

  • *In order to qualify for a covered procedure you must have valid medical insurance for six months prior to the date of the procedure.

    *If you have recently changed provider, you will be covered for procedures provided there has been no lapse in cover.