Will my medical insurance cover the cost of having my impacted wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, Dr. Marie O’ Neill is fully participating, which means you pay nothing extra for procedures covered under the insurance schedule of benefits. You will have to pay only the consultation fee.

What is the recovery period following wisdom tooth removal and when can I return to work?

This is dependant on the degree of impaction and the number of teeth removed. It also depends on your occupation and how you feel after your treatment. We will discuss this with you when you attend for your consultation. Following your treatment you will receive the following:

  • Written post-operative instructions
  • A prescription for painkillers
  • Some patients will receive a prescription for antibiotics
  • A sick certificate for work

  • Do you need a Referral Letter?

    We prefer patients to be referred by their general dentist however we are happy see you without a referral should you choose.

    Are early morning & late evening appointments available?

    Dr O’ Neill provides early morning and late evening appointments in order to facilitate your daytime commitments. Saturday appointments may be made available for select cases.